Tutorial: Felt Coffee (or Tea) Cozy

Every time I grab a coffee or tea to-go, I cringe when I pick up the cardboard coffee sleeve because it is only necessary for a few moments until the beverage cools enough to sip.  So, I decided to make my own reusable coffee (or tea) sleeve from felt!  Here’s what I did:

Handmade Felt Coffee (or Tea) Sleeve!

  1. Obtain a cardboard sleeve from a place that serves on-the-go hot beverages (this will make it very easy to get the pattern correct for the felt sleeve).
  2. Carefully open the sleeve where it is glued together and lie flat, you will use this as your cozy pattern.
  3. Trace the opened sleeve on a piece of felt twice with a marker (or you can use 2 different colors of felt, as I did) to make an outline for the inner and outer layers of the cozy.

    Opened cardboard sleeve with traced and cut felt

  4. Cut out these these two pieces of felt, lay one on top of the other, and line them up to create a double-thick layer of felt.
  5. At this time, you may want to sew an applique to the cozy (I chose to stitch on a tea leaf from sandstone and baby blue felt), then you will be able to hide the back of the stitched applique between the two felt layers.  If you are not interested in any additional decoration, move on to step 6!
  6. Thread some floss and sew the two pieces together using a blanket stitch.
  7. Finally, create a loop with your stitched felt (in the same shape as the cardboard cozy you opened earlier) and sew the two ends together securely.
  8. Slip your new, handmade cozy onto a hot beverage cup and enjoy your drink!

Finished Hot Beverage Cozy!

I will be keeping my new cozy in my bag, and when I am out and need an emergency shot of caffeine I can whip out my reusable, felt cozy!  Unique and eco-friendly!



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