Ahh … Summertime Tea Mini-Tutorial

I wanted to share a method I use to enjoy bagged tea once the weather heats up!  A couple summers ago, I worked at a coffee shop on campus and was determined to find a way to enjoy the tasty teas available to me free of charge.  So here is a mini-tutorial of what I did:

  1. Steep tea in screaming hot water in a smallish-sized mug for the recommended amount of

    Steeping Tea & Glass with Ice Cubes (this picture has some red highlights because my shirt is a bright red color and, while taking this picture, it is reflected in the items/surroundings, it almost looks like the devil himself showed up for some homemade iced tea too!)

    time.  (If your tea does not denote a steep time, click here for suggestions.)  If you prefer honey or sugar in your tea, now is the time to add it so it can properly dissolve in the hot liquid.

  2. Meanwhile, fill a glass to the top with ice cubes.
  3. Once the recommended steeping time has passed, fish out the teabag with a spoon and either throw away or place it in the glass with the ice cubes.
  4. Carefully pour the hot tea over the ice cubes.
  5. Stir a little with a spoon to allow the ice cubes to cool the drink.
  6. Sit back, relax and refresh with a tasty glass of iced tea!

Homemade Iced Tea! Yumm :)

Like making coffee at home instead of buying it on-the-go, this method of making your own iced tea is very economical because it only costs the amount of one tea bag!  It is also much healthier since you don’t have to worry about all the added sugars pre-made iced teas contain.

This mini-tutorial features the Pomegranate-Blueberry White Tea purchased from the aptly named “teaman“!  It is light and refreshing and his teas are extremely fragrant, delicious and affordable.  Jim and I LOVE tea and we will absolutely be purchasing more in the future.

Teas Purchased from teaman

When you are craving the tea stashed away in your cabinet this summer, but the desire to sip from a piping hot mug is less than appealing … Create a cold and tasty version instead!


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