Consignment Shop Purchases

During my lunch break, I headed up to the main street that runs through campus and stopped in at the local consignment shop.  Purchasing clothing there has been, hands down, one of my greatest discoveries when it comes to shopping for clothing.  I used to religiously

Me Modeling My New Finds (I never take photos of myself like this ... very awkward!)

buy my clothing at the mall and I can’t tell you how much money I have saved by staying away from there!

However, I will say this, consignment shopping has to be done without any expectations.  Some days (like my most recent visit) are extremely fruitful, while others yield not one thing since you are at the mercy of what people drop off to be sold.  So today I am going to share my awesome finds with you!

  • Dark Wash Matchstick Jeans (J. Crew) – fit like they were made only for me – I had to nab these immediately
  • Bright Red 3/4 Sleeve Floaty Top (also J. Crew) – a tad larger than I typically buy my tops – but I loved the color and it pairs well with a skinnier legged jean
  • Peachy-Pink Long Tee (Vince) – not sure who this designer is but this tee is so amazingly soft and is actually long enough for my torso! great for layering too :)

Two Tops and Jeans Purchased at Consignment Shop

Jim’s excited too because I’m actually purchasing things in colors!  I am extremely partial to blacks and greys …

Give consignment a try, it’s cheaper and eco-friendly (since no new products are being made, all items purchased are essentially recycled!), plus, a few great finds are sure to make your day!


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