New Items: Chlorophyll Shrub & Leaf!

Hello all!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I was so happy to get back to Delaware and see my friends again, once we all got together, it was like we never left in the first place.  :)  But, back to reality I’m afraid …

Chlorophyll Leaf with Ant!

However, I have an announcement to make about new items coming to my shop this week!  I will be listing a plush Shrub and plush Leaf, both embroidered with the (seriously awesome) Chlorophyll molecular structure!

Chlorophyll is the compound that gives plants their green color.  It captures light energy from the sun which fuels the process of photosynthesis, the conversion of carbon dioxide and other organic compounds into food for the plant (mainly in the form of sugars, yum) and oxygen (for us to breathe, ahh).

chlorophyll, shrub, bush

Chlorophyll Shrub with Bird!

Check in to What. No Mints? this week to see these green, geeky goodies!


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