Half Marathon Finish & Pet Rock Giveaway Reminder!

Me (green shorts) Crossing the Finish Line!

I hope everyone reading had a great weekend, because I know I sure did! My Dad and I finished the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon yesterday!  Despite the drizzly, grey weather, all the runners were pumped and ready to get moving once we arrived at the starting line.  Kicking off the race was surprisingly emotional, it’s awesome to know that you are a part of this huge event with many other people who are there for a variety of reasons.  Some ran to raise awareness, others strived to beat their personal record and some (like me) were there just to prove that we could finish and run the longest and hardest that we ever thought we could!  Jim was waiting patiently at the finish line with his camera and got some great shots of my Dad and I completing our 13.1 mile race (a big thanks to him for getting up too early and coming out to support us)!

Dad (yellow shorts) & I (green shorts) Approaching the Finish Line!

Enter to Win This Awesome Pet Rock Plush!

On another note, I wanted to remind everyone that hasn’t entered to win one of my Sedimentary Pet Rocks to please visit fellow Etsy seller Casey’s blog!  An explanation of how to enter is described there.  While you’re at it, check out Casey’s shop to view some lovely pictures taken by this talented photographer!


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