New: Microorganism Brooches & Small Molecule Magnets!

Tune in to my shop this week to find a few new nerdy items!  I have turned my cute and colorful Paramecium and Amoeba Magnets into Brooches so you can bring these little organisms with you wherever you travel!  These guys surely make a unique pin and will certainly be a conversation-starter.

Microorganism Brooches

The other new item that will make an appearance this week are my Small Molecule Magnets!  Compounds included will be greenhouse gases Methane and Carbon Dioxide and drinks Water and Ethanol.  Use these chemistry magnets to secure notes and pictures to your fridge at home or your lab hood at work!

Small Molecule Magnets

On an unrelated note, it will be an early night for me because I have to be on the starting line tomorrow at 8:00am (!!) for the half marathon!  Wish me luck and hope that it won’t rain too much! :P


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