Stormtroopers & Earth Day

Suggestion For A Greener Death Star (photo by Stéfan)

What do Stormtroopers do to help save the planet?  Install solar panels on the Death Star of course!  (Ironically enough, to provide energy for the destruction of other planets … but that’s another discussion)  These geek-tastic photos caught my eye last night from Jim’s computer while I was stitching some felt ornaments.  The picture featured here is only a sample of a creative and funny collection shot by Stéfan.  (For more mindless fun, check out Part I of “What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off” here!)

So what do I do to help our earth?  I do more obvious acts like recycling whenever possible and turning off lights when I leave the house.  We also keep our apartment pretty chilly in the winter, which cuts out on wasted heat (and also because I simply prefer to pay smaller gas bills).

Etsy shop-wise I make my own packaging by recycling paper grocery bags.  I cut the brown bags into a variety of rectangles and fold each piece once and glue appropriately to form a little paper pouch.  Once dry, I punch two holes near the opening of the pouch and thread ribbon through to secure the package and attach my shop tag!  Easy, eco-friendly and inexpensive.  Item packaging doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective, interesting and beautiful!

Supplies Needed To Make Brown Bag Pouch

Finished Pouch!

How do you recycle/reuse when packaging and shipping your items?


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