Countdown … to the L.V. Half-Marathon!

Lambertville Canal and Towpath South

I’m going to start my crafting blog with a post that has nothing to do with crafting!

Last year, my Dad and I decided to sign ourselves up for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon (Sunday, April 25th).  I had been running for a couple of years sporadically when I was at college and more steadily once I moved to Lambertville with my boyfriend, Jim.  For the past few months I’ve been running between 20 and 25 miles per week while listening to a variety of mystery/suspense-themed audiobooks on loan from the library (probably my greatest recent discovery!) or some motivating tunes to prepare for the big race.

RUN blok by RPotterStudio on Etsy

Although, not much motivation is needed to run in my town (especially around this time of year when the weather is warm and the sun stays out later) because it is such a beautiful place.  Lambertville is situated on the Delaware River and a gravel tow path runs north and south of it right along the canal.  Jim and I took our bikes out for a spin this afternoon and I managed to get some great shots of the area!  I also hope that this site will force me to take more pictures of my surroundings (Lambetville, other places I go, things I do, etc.) so that I have those places and memories saved in the form of a picture (I’m pretty awful about doing things like that).

Lambertville Towpath South

Anyway … back to running, I’m enjoying this final week because I get to mostly relax and throw in a couple short runs to keep my legs in check (although I am noshing on WAY too much leftover Easter candy …).  I will absolutely be sure to post my results and how Sunday goes so be sure to check back in!

Thanks for taking a look at my brand new site and if you stick with me as I try to get the hang of it I know that, like wine, it will only get better with time! :)


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