DIY Tufted Bird Paper Garland Kit!

So as you may have noticed, I have been in love with making garlands recently and came up with a less-expensive, more personal version of my Tufted Bird Felt Garlands.  I am introducing a DIY Tufted Bird Paper Garland Kit!

I like the idea of having people be a part of their handmade purchases and this kit is an easy and fun way to be involved and put a little bit of your own personality and style in your decorating.

The kit comes with paper birds, cotton string, cotton strips of fabric and instructions.  Very simple and easy to assemble and decorate.  You can color in the birds using whatever you choose – Or you can glue sequins and buttons and glitter to them to give them a more interesting texture and feel!  You can also leave the birds in plain black and white for a more neutral look.  I wanted to leave this kit open-ended so you can choose who you want your birds to be!

Included in Kit

Packaged & Ready to Go!

I made my own! I just can't get enough of these guys ...

Consider looking around for DIY kits when you get the creative itch (but would also like a little bit of guidance!) – It’s sweet knowing you had a hand (ha … ha) in making them :)

More Garlands: Tufted Birds & Embroidered Hearts!

Clearly I am on a garland-making kick!  Here are my 2 newest additions to the shop:

Cute Tufted Bird Garland

You know you want these adorable little tweets flitting around your house!

Red & Pink Embroidered Heart Garland

Lovely Embroidered Heart Garland

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